OpenBadgesUA is a complete solution which lets you to issue badges and will allow your users claim their badges and display them in different websites.

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What are the Open Badges?

Open Badges consist of a little representative image, a brief description and the URL of issuer organization where you can find an identification of the knowledge and the skills acquired.

What can I do with Open Badges?

Today it´s very easy get new knowledge or skills through Internet, in the university or in the school, but it isn´t easier demonstrate this abilities or skills. For example: How can I demonstrate that I have finished an online course and I have acquired the corresponding capacities and skills? OpenBadgesUA provides you a solution to this problem, offering the possibility of create and issue badges, get and store your badges, and share and show them in your webpage or in the profile of your favourite network.


There are three profiles in relation with the use of Open Badges:


Issue badges to your students, workers, friends... More info »


Get badges to certify your knowledge and abilities. More info »


Show your badges in your personal web, in your social network... More info »