Blogger displayer

Blogger displayer

What does it do?

The displayer for Blogger allows you to share the badges you get in your blog. You can share the badges you want in a simple way. When you choose the group of badges you want to display, you obtain a fragment of HTML code that you can insert into a gadget of your blog to show the badges of your selected group. Visitors of your blog can see for example your last course taken, the sporting event you've won, the degree you´ve finished or the new skill you have acquired.


Usage instructions

Show your badges on your blog is so easy and intuitive:

  1. Access the application.
  2. Enter your backpack email and click "Seleccionar grupo". If you don't have backpack, press "¡Crea ya tu mochila!".
  3. Choose the public group of badges that you want to display.
  4. Copy the code and paste it in the gadget called HTML/JavaScript that provides Blogger to paste in it the code you want. Follow these steps:
    • In the settings of your blog access to "Layout" section.
    • Being on the "Layout" section, click on the link "Add a Gadget" of the area of your blog where you want to show your badges.
    • By clicking will get a list of gadgets. Click on the gadget HTML/Javascript.
    • Copy the code you obtained in step 4 and paste it on the field of "Content". Click "Save".
    • Finally click "Save arrangement" to apply the changes.

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