How and where to save your badges?


Each recipient of a badge must have his backpack where he store his obtained badges classifying them into different groups with the criteria he wants.

To get your backpack (you just have to do it the first time) is very easy:

  1. Visit Open Badge Backpack and press the green button "Sign in".
  2. The backpack uses the system Mozilla Persona to identify the users. If you don´t have an account on this system, you will have to create it.
  3. By creating an account in Mozilla Persona you will be asked an email. It´s very important that this email is the same you are using in the website which provide you the badges.

Mozilla Backpack, where you can store your badges

The following vídeo, Open Badges: introducción, explains what Open Badges are, what is the function of Open Badges and how to create the backpack of Open Badges: